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Address:Bijie city dafang landed gentry·International luxuriousCArea3Building(Fai source hotel on the first floor)

A mobile phone:15985016843(Mr. Chen)

A mobile phone:13985531175(Mr Coke)



Zip code:551600

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      Bijie Fang Sheng engineering quality test co., LTD. Is located in dafang landed gentry·International luxuriousCArea3Building,The company was founded in2011Years11Month,Registered capital of ten thousand yuan。Detection of business office building area700㎡。Internal departments including external inspection department、The inspection department、Integrated department、The finance department、The quality control department、Sales department、Make measure and QianXi measure。The existing detection and management22People,Senior engineer1Name,Engineer2Name,Inspection inspector19Name。Instruments and equipment70余台(Sets)。Qualification is a housing and construction in guizhou and bijie city market supervision and administration for approval。Detection range:1、Municipal road engineering;2、Urban rail transit project;3、Detection of foundation projects;4、The main structure engineering field detection; 5、Steel structure engineering testing;6、Indoor environment quality detection;7、Witness sampling quality testing;8、Energy-saving insulation materials... [To check the details]