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Adopt international standards of the fourth generation of lime production technology

  Hunan Bi into technology co., LTD(The original hunan hengshan Bi into calcium industry co., LTD), The new three board listed companies Stock code:839327,The lime industry Listed companies , Was founded2008Years6Month,Is located in hengshan jinlong industrial park in hunan province,From the mountains of nanyue15KM。   The company covers an area of10.5Square meters,The existing staff110People,The engineer10Name,Accountants3Name,The technician30Name。   The company is in hunan province Are of good quality、Varieties、 Prices are low、 Good credit Calcium oxide production enterprise。   The company USES the advanced four generations of lime production technology,A high degree of automation。Annual production of highly active lime20Ten thousand tons,High calcium hydroxide10Ten thousand tons。Company research and development、Test power is stronger、Perfect testing equipment。   The company has limestone production base,High grade limestone,Trace yuan

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