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About usMain shaanxi since honesty trade co., LTD:Xi 'an stainless steel products、Shaanxi stainless steel flange、Xi 'an stainless steel processing、Stainless steel pipe manufacturer in shaanxi province、Shaanxi stainless steel Angle、Xi 'an stainless steel water tank products、Xi 'an in the stainless steel plate、Shaanxi stainless steel non-standard pipe、Xi 'an thick wall stainless steel tube、Xi 'an stainless steel mirror plate,All products of the indicators are in strict accordance with international standards of production,Variety、The design is novel、Are of good quality...
Xi 'an how colored stainless steel processingXi 'an how colored stainless steel processing

Stainless steel itself is silvery white,Color is very single, so to speak。So in order to cater to more customers,After...

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The name of the company:Shaanxi honesty trade co., LTD
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Contact phone number:13572573056 029-86275039
The company address:O xi road10The new steel market across from northwest
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Address:O xi road10The new steel market across from northwest  The phone:13572573056  A mobile phone:13572573056

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