CooVoxSeries of fusion communication equipment is small and medium enterprises,Not only has the traditionPBXAll of the functions,A cable show、Automatic response, etc,Also supports a lot of traditionPBXCan't surpass the advanced features,Including remote extension registration、Interactive voice response、Voice recording、Conference calls, etc。Apply to500People under small and medium enterprises,To cooperateEX16SExtension expansion box,CooVoxSupport analog phone and seriesVoIPA mixture of telephone network。Perimeter optional analog circuit,GSMThe line orVoIPThe line out。
Along with thev3.0Release of the system,With the new systemCooVoxSeries will make the user experience。More efficient and quick way of application and management will better improve the efficiency of the enterprise deployment and communication,Help improve enterprise value。
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More than a decade of telephone exchange marketing experience
To provide high quality solution to design to assist the installation and debugging
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Is a famous brand switch partners,Service industry with good reputation
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