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Guizhou province China international travel service



To travel with us Let the heart to put a holiday

Life is a trip full of unknown,Care about the scenery along the way,Care is to look at the scenery mood,Travel will not terminated because of the beautiful scenery。The road become the scenery behind,Cannot turn back can't stay,If you stay at the moment,Will miss the scenery better。

Keep a peaceful,Maintain a sober。Enjoy every moment of feeling,Appreciate each scenery,This is life。

Chishui tourism individual lines

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Making a recommendation

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Summer favourable activity

    1、Book the chishui each big scenic spot tickets   

    2、Book the chishui city variousType hotel

    3、Can provide excellent tour guide service

Chishui scenic photos

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About us

Guizhou province China international travel service co., LTD

Chishui branch

Guizhou branch of China international travel service co., LTD chishui,Chishui CITS for short,Founded in2013 Years,Is the guizhou province China international travel service dedicated to the increasingly popular chishui tourism and set up a branch office,Is the subordinate enterprises in guizhou province China international travel serviceIndustry。

Chishui CITS multiple functions,Has an experienced management team and well-trained guide team,Mainly engaged in inbound tourism、Domestic tourism、self-driving tour、The individual Tours、Conference tourism、The tour guide service, etc。In line with“The customer is supreme,Quality first”The management idea,Offers visitors the enthusiasm、Considerate、Security、Convenient、Efficient、Professional service,Guizhou CITS30Years of experience for visitors to chishui elaborate your product brand,Provide personalized product design,Reasonable sales price and the specification of the whole service。

Mode of operation,Always provide our most sincere service for friends from all walks of life。

Contact phone number:0851-22823700     18185247700

The tour guide

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Chishui speciality

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  • Shao silk sugar

    Shao silk sugar is zhunyi chishui city of the han nationality traditional snacks,Is also special products,Shao silk sugar crisp delicious,Melt in your mouth,Is the necessities of local Chinese New Year holiday。Shao silk sugar has a unique production process,Using local planting sweet potato and glutinous rice...

  • Chishui bamboo products

    Chishui bamboo products Chishui bamboo food raw material is very rich,In the city stretches for thousands of miles to grow,Plants have bamboo-sun、Winter bamboo shoot、Mianzhu bamboo shoots、Water bamboo shoot、Wellknown bamboo shoots and so on dozens of products...

  • Chishui bamboo handicrafts

    Chishui bamboo handicrafts ——Long production history of optimal varieties diverse categories,Higher technological level。Main bamboo handicrafts bamboo weaving、Bamboo、Panels、Relief、Root carving、Valuable.such handiwork、Paint decoration, etc。 Chishui bamboo handicrafts mainly nanzhu for raw materials,...

  • Chishui gold hair pin caulis dendrobii

    Gold hair pin caulis dendrobii Gold hair pin caulis dendrobii produced in guizhou chishui city,Is China's national protection category of rare and endangered plants,With snow lotus、Ginseng、Chinese caterpillar fungus, such as rare medicinal herbs and called“Nine big bone”,By the international medicinal plant...

Chishui hotel is recommended

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Chishui delicacies

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