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Beijing xi theatre belonging to the east(Beijing)The international culture and art center co., LTD,Is located in the southwest corner of the Beijing dongcheng district east erhuanxi DongSiShiTiao bridge,Is located in dajie business centre,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,Convenient,Only DongSiShiTiao from the subway station200M,Dajie from the subway station only300M。Beijing xi in the theatre2013Years6Formal business,Beijing is the first musical as the main characteristics,In order to provide exquisite plays for the development goals of cultural facilities。The theatre is divided into seven layers,Building height37.5M,Have a seat1186A,A cafe、Rest area、The VIP lounge、Parks and other ancillary facilities,Is held various musical、Concert、Small concert、Ideal field of drama and opera performances。Overlooking Beijing xi theatre,Building modelling novel and chic,Outside a large number of using metal tube,Two audience escalator is like the flow of notes,A perfect interpretation“The organ of the forest city”The design theme,The theatre internal tonal clean and pure,Lively and clear,And showcase artists ring corridor to build atmosphere of music drama,The outline of a grade、Fashionable and modern drama。Sitting in the east the theatre audience hall,Artistic atmosphere,Cascade fan divergence on the audience,The audience can keep close contact with artists。The audience hall is fundamental key with gold,Match with red brown Australia imported maple wood,Create the elegant、Modern artistic atmosphere。Beijing xi theatre of architectural acoustics system designed by the famous master of acoustics,To reach perfect combination of architectural aesthetics and acoustic and adopts the world famous professional company top lighting audio equipment,The audience hall of architectural acoustics design reverberation time for open stoping1.4Seconds,Present perfect audio-visual effects for the audience。Theatre, relying on the superior location and modern facilities,The first-class... ...More introduction
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Dajie north street11Number
Take the subway:The subway2Line DongSiShiTiao stop,D(The southwest)The outbound,South100M that is。Take a bus route:Te2、Te
Beijing xi theatre

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