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Jiang Xigao c&d oil co., LTD,Enterprise was founded in1999Years,Is located in the beautiful and fertile land of fish and rice Jiang Xigao Ann,Company after 10 years of development,Now form a larger scale,New premises in state JieBan ChiXi industrial park,

From the shanghai-kunming Gao Tiegao station1Kilometers,Distance320National highway2Kilometers,The traffic is very convenient,The factory covers an area of80m,The construction area36600Square meters。

Production and living、Office two range,The layout is reasonable。(The office building area4800Square meters)With modern office facilities,Is a production of rice oil mainly agricultural and sideline products deep processing of tax payment enterprise。

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Rice oil especially has the very high nutritional value,In Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries,It is a kind of equal to olive oil

Health and nutrition,By obesity、Hyperlipidemia、Disease of heart head blood-vessel crowd favorite,And has been a western family day

Often healthy cooking oil,Especially in Japan and the United States,Rice oil has become the primary and middle school students nutrient food cooking oil,At the same time

Widely used by many high-end restaurant,In the United States market,Even small package rice oil sales price than olive oil,

A liter10More than the dollar。2005In the world health organization (who) the best cooking oil report points out that the oil rice,Olives

Oil for high quality edible oil, etc

The company produced rice oil,Is to choose no pollution,No genetically modified (gm) of high quality rice,Will focus on the rice nutrition

90%The rice bran by squeezing and refined,By China green food development center identified as green food。Rice

Rice bran oil is rich in multivitaminE、γ-GuWei,Phytosterol and other micronutrients。In particularγ-GuWei,β-

Contains sitosterol high-energy effectively reduce the blood fat,Adjust the brain function,To help lower your cholesterol,Resistance to disease,Relieve fatigue

Lowe,To help sleep,Adjust the stomach function,Strengthen the immune system,Help combat free radicals formation and the function of anti-aging。

Rice oil exclusive or more of these nutrients than other cooking oil。Is known as:“The heart of oil”,“Green oil”

,Cooking oil is a kind of ideal health。

Rice oil factory

Product center/ Product center

Jiang Xigao c&d oil co., LTD,Enterprise was founded in1999Years,Is located in the beautiful and rich

The land of fish and rice Jiang Xigao in mercy, Is rice production in jiangxi province,Rice bran is rice

The main byproduct,Source is enough,Rice oil production is rice bran to steadily

Fresh molding,The extraction of science,MAO bran oil,Then with the help of advanced grease

Processing equipment,MAO bran oil by dehydration、The decoloring、Degumming、Skim and a series of processing,

Produce high quality rice oil,Because of its green rice oil、The characteristics of health care,Is the system

As a nutritional oils、Blend oil、Oil frying oil and other food raw materials of good fuel,In the international city

The field is very popular,Has a great potential for development。

Rice oil factory

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