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    Jiangsu yangzhong valve manufacturing factory co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research、Design、Manufacturing、The installation、For the integration of professional manufacturers。Is one specialized is engaged in the production of valve manufacturing and sales of manufacturers,The main products areD41XThe line with rubber butterfly valve,D341HHard seal butterfly valve,Q41FSoft sealing ball valves, etc。With CNC machine tools、Ordinary machine tools、Frequency electric furnace、Heat treatment equipment、Testing equipment180Sets.the,Strong technical force,In accordance with theGB、JB、SH、HG、API、BS、JISStandard production of cast steel、Forged steel、Alloy steel、Stainless steel gate valves、Globe valve、Ball valve、The check valve、Butterfly valve、Manual hydraulic pump series, and various non-standard power station with high temperature and high pressure valve。
JLHigh temperature blending valve series
D341W-1PThe ventilation butterfly valve with flange
D41J/D341J/D941JAll lining flange…
D71J/D371J The wafer line with rubber butterfly…
D41F46/D341F46All lining fluoride flange…
D71X/D371XSoft seal butterfly wafer
D341X/D41XNational standard of soft sealing flange…
D343H/Y D943H/YNational standard flange…
PneumaticVType ball valve
Q340H/YHalf of an eccentric valve
Two type stainless steel threaded ball valve
Three chip mouth、Welded ball valve
Q11FA chip threaded ball valve
Q347H/Q947HHard seal ball valve
Q41F/Q341FTwo chip flanged ball valves
American standard flange wedge gate valveCLASS150-…
Z41W/Y Z541W/Y Z941W/YDon't rust…
PZ73X/H/Y PZ573X/H/YThe knife type brake…
PZ973X/H/YThe electric knife gate valve
Pressure seal gate valves
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