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  • My American home,Intravenous drip
  • To me150Party

My American home,Intravenous drip  [12The article]

110M² / American / 3 rooms     The gongshu district In the paradise

Our way of life

My American home,Intravenous drip

To me150Party  [9The article]

150M² / Mix and match / 3 rooms     Yuhang district Day capital

The floor heating pipe laying

To me150Party

To me150Party


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Xin homesick——Professional designers of the platform。Gather huge amounts of professional interior designers and decoration design company,Decorate owner is looking for designers、Design platform of choice。Xin homesick belonging to hangzhou luxury art culture creativity co., LTD,Founder group has more than ten years relative working experience in furniture or building materials。

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