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Packaging products for the Internet、Promotion、Planning(We are all together!)

Products for Internet packaging, promotion, planning.

The project

Adhere to for customers to build high-quality goods web site,Set the standard for the industry,Create value for the society。

Adhere to creating quality websites for customers and set standards for the industry.


Let the electronic commerce has become simple,

Win cafe2


Win cafe2Adhere to“Design the website of patriotism,Help enterprises to develop”As the mission,Advocating personalized creative web design,Focus on quality website,For small and medium-sized enterprises to build high-end marketing type site。


Win cafe2Always do it“Would rather take my customers,We never negative customer”Standards of service,We are“For the design,Live for website”;Adhere to for customers to build high-quality goods web site,Set the standard for the industry,Create value for the society。

Dongguan win cafe2Science and technology co., LTD., founded in2013Years,Focus on dongguan website construction design,Website platform,Server rental,Platform system development,Win cafe2Entertainment,O2OCatering system and Internet platform solutions,Manage and implement customer over5000Home。
The core business includes:The enterprise website construction design,Marketing website construction design,Responsive website construction design,Enterprise management software,OASystem development,ERPSystem development,CRMSystem development,Platform system development,WeChat circle of friends,WeChat public operations,Small program operation,Win cafe2Entertainment,Wisdom order system,Wisdom membership system,Wisdom catering system,APPCustom,EnterpriseVIThe overall design of image,Corporate image promotion, shooting and other one-stop website construction and maintenance services。
The core team7Years of experience in Internet platform solution,Good at personalization system research and development、Brand marketing、WeChat platform operation and electrical business operations。 In the service of government units:Shatin, bureau of finance、Humen food drug safety、The seventh people's hospital、The sixth people's hospital、Shatin administrative center、Marina bay district、Dongguan city health school, etc,The listed companies:Hebei blue jays furniture、Every products、Jindal lighting。Well-known domestic enterprises:Light group、Guangming middle school、Jia jia、The hang seng jewelry、The new garden、Guarantee the hospital、Dongcheng international hotel school, etc。
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Prick silk can also into a great god,Reality version of self-help articles

Cocoon can also become a god, realistic version of inspirational articles


  • 2012Years

    A telephone call,A meeting,Some even don't know the domain name was Internet startup process,Locate the server rental,Dongguan website construction design,Network promotion

  • 2013Years

    Don't give up easily,I am from team only6Individual to expand into50One team,Accumulated more than for individual companies1200Web services,But didn't imagine in the well,Team management confusion,Business direction,After-sales service fault,Money also lead to problems such as the company split tension began,Structure reforming,Dongguan win cafe2Science and technology co., LTD was formally established。

  • 2014Years

    To move back,In order to jump further!Team no longer expansion,Set up dedicated after-sales team detailed internal order process,In charge of-Customer service-Design-The front end-The back end-Customer service-After sales,Standardized services。Through screening,Accurate service230A customer,No longer the pursuit of high growth,Only to ensure low loss。

  • 2015Years

    Not no chance,But we can't catch!To make money,A few years time is enough,In the years ahead,We only need to pay attention to four things,Judge of character,Look at things,To be human,To do things,We always like to get it“Let nature take its course”To elaborate thorns bumpy life road,Rarely acknowledged,The real let nature take its course,Actually is【After doing everything they can to not importune,Rather than a pool in your hands】。

  • 2016Years

    Everything is the best arrangement,Gain and loss all come right!This more than a year what happened let me can't clear record,His family,A friend,My colleagues,Shareholders。Let me really realized,To the life,The sideline,We should chang huaikang awe,This year or I really became a social people,Play is not in heart...

  • 2017Years

    The company's fifth anniversary,Also will I turned 30,Maybe this year will be the key to my life of one year,This year the company expansion,To do design and development at the same time,His project,Start doing community platform project,Start trying to offline store experience,Start operations,This is a qualitative change。

Was established6Customer service anniversary of the founding of the current total of about:1360 Home,We will continue...

The Internet information,We are also good oh!

The frontier information on the Internet captures, we are also experts!

The news

  • Now the first batch90After already bald、Out of a job、A divorce、Becoming a monk,And the first batch00After the adult、The university entrance exam,Handsome have to make a pile90After the empty nest old aunt wants to marry。 The world is changing,Times are changing,As the growth of the age,60After、7...

  • 88Years ago9Month18Day night,The 918 incident shocked the Chinese and foreign,Japanese militarism has started up14In a war of aggression against China。Brutal war under the songhua river from burning to wuzhishan,The invaders not evil on earth in China...

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    Focused on dongguan website design and production,For small and medium-sized enterprises to build high-end marketing type site。

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