Fast fixture

Common problems+More and more

  • How did you send the goods,What kind of logistics?

    hell,Heavy cargo logistics,Light cargo delivery。

  • How to make payment?

    We are just the delivery,Provide alipay、WeChat and bank card transfer, etc. A variety of ways。

  • It can be customized production?

    hell,You can,Need you to provide samples or detailed drawings。

  • How the product is packaged

    PEBag packaging each product respectively,Then the carton packaging,The last big carton packaging。

  • Your products can now use the same with me?

    If you have exactly the same as the best,If it isn't,May be similar,But the function is the same,The structure is very close,Can consider to use our ready-made products,Because this kind of product belongs to functional products

Company introduction+More and more

东莞市麦龙工业科技有限公司,Is a company specializing in the production and salesStainless steel fastener lockThe enterprise,Our main products are stainless steel fastener lock,Spring clasp lock,Adjustable buckle lock,Fast fixture,Copper touch beads,Rapid buckles,The cases of buckles,Large car buckles,The old door buckles,Box buckle,Self-locking buckles,hook and loop fastener,With professional attitude,Do the professional product。

Products are widely used in industrial test cases、Pharmaceutical packaging equipment、Agricultural machinery and equipment、Logistics transport machinery、Automated production equipment and rail equipment of the ship。With sound management and development,Products with high versatility、A small amount of many varieties、High quality way to infiltrate more different niche business,And get the affirmation and recognition of customers。

Contact us+More and more

  • 东莞市麦龙工业科技有限公司
  • A mobile phone:13650387336
  • The
  • QQ:745031191   WeChat:liu-yanj3
  • Address:Three main mountain qi guang dong province