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SimaSIMAWas established2000Years,Is a collection research and development、Production and sale of car audio company,Committed to building intelligent、Security、Fashion、Comfortable、Good practical Chinese car stereo。

From the tape machine、CD、VCD、DVD,To digital multimedia navigation and intelligent machine,Sima pursue independent innovation brand。“Sima good voice”And sima card machine has won the general customers,In domestic has a higher visibility。

Enter the age of the Internet,Sima adjust development strategy,In a network、Video files as the carrier,With the Internet map for guidance,Research and development of multimedia video broadcast system,The hd resolution、Hi-fi、High sensitive car radio、Hd intelligent bluetooth、360A panoramic view in car、Before and after safety auxiliary radar、The integration of tire pressure detection、Mobile phone connected、WeChat Shared set of rooms, car special intelligent safety navigation。

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Sima made li chi new energy vehicles ten outstanding supplier award
Sima made li chi ten excellent supply of new energy car...
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How to play the audio market,You want a money maker
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