Collect industry design strength,Private custom one hundred kinds of style!The home will be different!
GeTingDirector of designers
Good at style: Modern,Northern Europe,Chinese style,Hong Kong style,Mix and match
Working time:8Years
Hua godDesign director
Good at style: Modern,Rural,European style,Chinese style,Hong Kong style,American
Working time:15Years
Yuen longChief designer
Good at style: Modern,Rural,European style,Chinese style,Mix and match
Working time:7Years
XuLingDirector of designers
Good at style: Modern,European style,Chinese style,American
Working time:6Years
Yang XiaolingChief designer
Good at style: Modern,Northern Europe,Rural,Japanese style,Chinese style
Working time:8Years
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  • Mr. Zhou138****8512Huarun oak bay

  • Mr Zhao133****1378Xixi country garden

  • Please159****6903Blu-ray YongJin

  • Mr Le187****1693Gen yulan mansion

  • Mr. Du136****8653China shipping phoenix city bank

  • Mr. Ding134****5566Wharf, the great seal

  • Well, Mr137****8637Age of uptown·In the mood for love

  • Mr. Chi139****5490South lake homes

  • Which Mr132****5430The apartment

  • Mr. Ou130****5540Changle yuan

  • Mr Tsang135****5609The xin garden

  • Mr Stone135****4576Changle yuan

  • Mr Edge131****4673The ideal city

  • Mr. Wang139****3776Taihu international community

  • Mr. Li133****4509The complex ground source tree name

  • Mr. Chen187****3498In this living in the city

  • Mr Zhao187****4389Jinke city in the world

  • Mr Lu189****43901 ziyingdian lake

  • Mr Zheng132****2878Zhongjian streamside mansion

  • Mr. Wang134****1567Jiangwan town

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