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Company specializing in the production“Huge profits”Brand series of shearing machine、Bending machine、Plate bending rolls、An open-book leveling shearing production line。Products are widely used in:Light industry、Airlines、The ship、Metallurgy、The instrument、Electrical appliances、Stainless steel products、Construction and decoration industries。Products are exported to Europe and the United States、Southeast Asia、In the Middle East and other countries and regions。
2-WC67Y-300/6000The linkage of two bending machine(Lamp posts.High lamp is special)

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Hydraulic shearing machine commissioning and correct operating steps

Sparing the teacher,Many people will not hesitate heavy gold to take refuge in famous ancient times,This is because the master clever set-up the apprentice is bound to have some similarities。And the same is true of hydraulic plate shears,The working effect of hydraulic plate shears,Instead of debugging and correct operation,Today is to introduce you to the fluid...

What to buy shearing machine need to pay attention to?

What to buy shearing machine need to pay attention to?The forging machinery industry key enterprises in the country——One machine in jiangsu machinery technology co., LTD., head of the professional will tell you:   1、After contact production machine and a number of enterprises,The price of the machine、Parameters、After payment and pay way, etc,The most important step...
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About us

One machine in jiangsu machinery technology co., LTD. Is the national metalforming machinery industry of key backbone enterprises。The company is located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta, jiangsu famous town——Enjoy“Shear folding machine of the township”HaiAn Town。The new long railway、West.ningqi railway in this intersection,Coastal highway、Jianghai high-speed、204National highway、328National highway connecting across all within an hour and a half,The traffic is very convenient。

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