Danleng countyag亚游集团Food co., LTD. Is a collection of pepper plant cane、Production、Sales of integrated enterprise。From the late qing era,Danleng total xingshugang mountain is rich in glauber's salt,There are many stoves glauber's salt workshop,Many poor people in order to make a living,Beside mine and humid obvious stoves work all day,People to eat to cold dehumidification formed the xi ma、Remove cold spicy food habit of clearing damp。Oh grandparents with local specialty of pepper extract special cane pepper oil in mine、Hawking in the countryside,Time is long,Became famous in the local cane chilli oil production workshop。Oh for later generations inherited ancestral craft,Established the danleng countyag亚游集团Food co., LTD……

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Sichuan pepper oil cane