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Warm congratulations on wenchang CNC to attend2018 YME(China)Yuhuan international machine tool exhibition a complete success。

In the four days of show,Get the favour of many new and old customers,Many customers to participate in the exhibition,Our company display products expressed great interest,Many customers have the scene a detailed consultation,Hope that through this opportunity to further cooperation。Display of the hydraulic tool turret,Servo knife tower,Power tool turret is to become a major highlight of this exhibition。

CNC tool carrier is the habit of modern efficient tool post call in China。It is an integral part of modern digital manufacturing technology。In nearly a decade,As manufacturing accelerated the pace of modernization,Digital manufacturing technology has gained rapid development in our country。20The end of the 19th century,Metal-cutting machine tool production in our country has reached19Ten thousand units,But the nc machine tools only1.4Ten thousand units;At that time,Represented by new type cemented carbide tool post of the modern, efficient tool rest,Also accounted for all tool post production15%。After entering the new century,The accelerated dramatically GongJia machine tool industry development in our country,2007Years,CNC machine tool production in our country12.32Ten thousand units,Output value of numerical control rate43.7%。With the matching the high proportion of cemented carbide tool rest,Also output value up to all the rest40.3%。Thus it can be seen,Since entering the new century,Numerical control machine tools and efficient tool post in our country,Made quickly、The development of synchronization。At present,Localization of the modern, efficient tool rest,Already the batch entered the automotive industry,Mold industry、Aeronautics and astronautics、Power generation equipment、General machinery and other fields。The performance of some products,Has been at or near the international advanced level,Effectively break the import tool post the monopoly position in some areas,For efficient tool carrier market in China has contributed to the specification of the competition。

Wenling wenchang CNC machine equipment co., LTD., since it was founded,Always adhering to the“The good faith as the root,For this service,Strives for the survival by the quality”The management idea,Constantly in the customer friend and cooperative unit set up the good enterprise image。The wenchang tool post has become very popular in the market,The company will make material science、Processing、Component testing,Screening of debugging a set of production process,The current annual production of CNC tool rest6Ten thousand units。Company staff with dedication、The work of the pragmatic equipment.the company warmly,In line with“Strive for perfection,With all matters of the heart”The principle of service,Long-term commitment to the development of nc tool post industry,And pursuit,Continuous improvement,To provide customers with precision、Sophisticated products。The company has strong economic strength,Wenchang sincerely invite you to cooperate with us,Create a new era of high-tech machinery。

WenLing Wench CNC Machine Tool Equipment Co., LTD is one of themost professional and competitive manufacturers of CNC machine toolcarrier in china. The company is adhering to Integrity, Excellent Serviceand High quality" as business philosophy and building up the goodenterprise image in more and more customers and cooperative enterprises.Now, the products are sold well in china and very popular in the market. Thecompany has a complete and scientific production process includingbuilding materials, machining, detection and Screening test. The annualproduction for CNC cutter holder is sixty thousand pieces. All staffs areworking in the industry for long time with more experiences and innovations,providing accurate and precision products for customers. The company hasstrong economic force, excellent technology and advanced equipment.Wenchang CNC Machine Tool Equipment Co., LTD is welcoming your visitand cooperation for both our future.

Wenling wenchang CNC machine equipment co., LTD

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