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Selection of raw materials Close skin breathe freely

Plaster cloth selected medical water thorn cloth、Non-woven fabric as substrate,Permeability is good。 Patients in basically does not happen when using the phenomenon of skin ulcers, Good permeability is beneficial to the skin's breathing and pores。

Process maturity The international standard

John Calvin professional manufacturer do plaster base cloth processing has many years history
A standardized plaster base cloth processing equipment,Mature technology of mechanic,8The production line
Plaster cloth processing capacity in the industry。

WaterproofPUMembrane Safe low sensitivity

Medical USES a high polymer waterproof plaster clothPUMembrane,Can keep pace with the skin to breathe
Provide epithelial cell regeneration moist environment,Inhibition of scab skin is generated,Accelerate wound healing。

The drug is big Don't damage the skin

All products are handmade drug-polymer interactions than ordinary significantly enhance mechanism of plasters
Give anything more to support the injury
In the direct effects but also do not damage the skin。

Diverse styles Complete specifications

John Calvin production of plaster cloth and surgical tape of styles、Complete specifications
In addition to customize the design of plaster cloth according to the needs of their customers
Is the organic combination of traditional and modern。

Common sense plaster cloth

Non-woven plaster cloth curative effect is significant But three methods still need to master

Non-woven plaster cloth is a kind of simple to use,Comparative effectiveness of topical drugs significantly,This plaster cloth due to the curative effect is distinct,So a lot of people are like the cream…

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Non-woven plaster stick Because the material performance

In the past have not non-woven plaster stick appeared,Everyone is the use of kraft paper,But the use of the kraft paper, actually has many disadvantages,This kind of material…

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The storage of black plaster cloth be available subject to strict sterilization operation

In order to ensure the curative effect of black plaster cloth,When you store in plaster cloth,Shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions, storage,So as not to damage the effects of the plaster cloth,…

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Outside sticking plaster patches can be placed in the home But need to grasp the time in the period of validity

A lot of people outside the purchase adminstration of patches,A precise degree often cannot grasp,So often leads to and have been cured,But also the rest of the plaster stick…

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Non-woven plaster stick chose a non-woven fabric has its own reason

Speaking of plaster must have plaster stick to cooperate,Before it can be applied in people's work,So you know plasters when selecting a plaster stick would choose it…

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Black plaster cloth processing parsing process

Black plaster cloth is to use medicine、Edible vegetable oil and red lead refined into paste,Stand on framed back material,Apply for the post on the skin of topical formulations,With protection、Closed…

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Jining John Calvin pharmaceutical co., LTD

Jining John Calvin pharmaceutical co., LTD

Jining John Calvin pharmaceutical co., LTD., mainly engaged in plaster cloth,Patch processing,Surgical tape,Medical adhesive plaster,Wound dressings,Medicament,Navel stick,A variety of non-woven medical tape coil, etc,Welcome to patronize!Company headquarters is located in jining city in shandong jiaxiang Liang Bao temple,Has been recommended to the jining high-tech enterprises。Since the company was set up,Namely the use of accurate market positioning、The information market is highly focus and investment in technology,Companies adhere to technology,Based on the service focus on promoting the application,Rapid development become area has a certain influence of information experts and professional service providers。 


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