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 Is the current date:2019Years9Month19Day  Thursda  According to the lunar calendar in hai(The pigs)On August 21
   Greetings8.23Japanese male workers Jiang Qian printing、Zhao Xuewei, etc6A sign。       Greetings8.2Japan's fisheries two Chen Guanghong、Lou beautiful、Guo Yun、Gao Weiping etc have been signed。    
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Congratulate to weihai yu chi international advanced unit for industry for three consecutive years…
 The social security agreement between China and Japan9Month1Take effect,Bilateral abolition related jobs…[2019/8/31]
 The high salary,Weihai14Workers fall for it![2019/5/10]
 Congratulate to weihai yu chi international for three consecutive years to obtain industry advanced unit…[2018/12/5]
 My company in shandong foreign labor national-level poverty alleviation resources in gansu province…[2018/7/9]
 Pay close attention to earthquake warning emergency phone call090-6673-6659And119。…[2018/6/18]
 Warmly welcome city business bureau leadership come to visit my company work。…[2018/6/6]
 (Resume the interview)3In chiba cattle men[2018/2/27]
Tong To know The male Tell them
   Due to the need of business development,My company now Japanese teacher2Name,
Requirements:The female,Japanese level 2 above。
Working content:To workers of Japanese training, etc。
Working place:Tangerang 蔄 mountain
Welcome you to join。
The phone:
Miss gao:5984091
To lie to protect recruitment brochure(All the year round to recruit)
 (9Month)The Japanese building type 枠 construction(Specific to live…[2019/9/11]
 (All the year round)Counting on food processing male female workers(…[2019/9/11]
 (All the year round)Counting on agricultural male female workers(Specific…[2019/9/11]
 (All the year round)Japan's kanto aquatic products deep processing of female workers…[2019/9/11]
 9Month21Tokyo chiba male female workers10Name[2019/9/4]
Singapore urgent single effectively​,Specialist customization,New list at any time
 Singapore urgent single effectively​,Specialist customization…[2019/7/23]
 Large-scale integrated resorts, luxury hotels in Singapore…[2019/6/11]
 SingaporeYOTELHotel housekeeping recruitment Jane…[2019/6/11]
 All the year round to recruit,Quick and easy,More cost-effectively[2018/10/18]
 Singapore's famous chain of appliance stores photos washing clothes…[2018/2/26]
The Irish pork、Beef processing workers sign a project recruitment brochure
 South Korean chef project[2019/9/11]
 The Irish pork、Beef processing industry project…[2019/8/1]
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 South Korea's Chinese restaurant recruit students general rules[2019/3/20]
 Cheju island waiter general rules[2018/10/18]
JapanSingaporeSouth Korea
High-end services
 Perennial recruit Japan interface protection of female workers
 5Month-6A brief introduction on the admissions
 New Zealand qing kou bei processed projects
 New Zealand wood、Ambry installation work、The ground…
 The Netherlands4On the new list
 Send in China  
 Congratulations to the weihai yu chi international and domestic labor dispatching license approved[2018/10/25]
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 Go abroad services to handle process
 Europe Czech jobs recruitment information(Warehouse workers…
 Where is the difference between a work visa and work illegally?
 Kanagawa and Osaka, Japan3Allowing foreigners engaged in…
 South Korea“Crash a driver's license”Get my Chinese driving license can't change…
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 Yu chi international at the start of the New Year, recruiting
 Japanese teacher yu chi international recruit training center…
 Because of business expansion,We need Japanese teacher…
 Weihai yu chi international Japan department recruitment admissions…
 Weihai yu chi international recruitment salesman
 Teacher yu chi international training department for Japanese
 Yu chi international trade department for English translation
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    Weihai yu chi international economic and technical cooperation co., LTD,(简称YZIETC)Was established2006Years9Month,Is located in the east peninsula the most eastern end of the three sides of weihai city,Is approved by the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China in the management of labor services cooperation with foreign countries and the right of import and export trade of foreign trade and economic cooperation of management of foreign trade and economic cooperation enterprise,An independent legal entity,The company has passedISO 9001:2008Quality management system certification,Company to join China international contractors association、Shandong international contracting foreign contracted projects in shandong province chamber of commerce and industry development,And is the standing director unit of international contracting of shandong province chamber of commerce。Company main business scope:To send all kinds of labor service personnel abroad and for the record within the scope of goods and technology import and export;Clothing、Shoes and hats、Drawnwork crafts、Needle textiles、The sale of bedding。
    For a long time,With the companyAPECFrequent economies member countries,Many project cooperation... ...
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