• Guizhou province renhuai maotai MaoHeng winery co., LTD
  • Guizhou province renhuai maotai MaoHeng winery co., LTD

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      The wine in the Chinese wine culture is often and politics,And the poet linked together

      A man's life,Most of the time should be spent, and wine。Real man,You can not do without women,The more you can not do without alcohol。Wine,For men,Just want to imagine the poet,The powder to the beauty,Is the man's spirit and ornament。A man,Because of lonely without a woman,If no wine, more lonely。When drinking,DuZhuo when we are sad,Fill up when the pain。You can imagine,In man's world,A woman is inferior to wine。Men love of wine,Is greater than the love of a woman。His girlfriend wife can be a couple of days,Wine is not a day。The effects of alcohol with high,Stimulation,Graceful feeling

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        The status and role of Chinese wine culture

        A woman once brokenhearted,Do not burn photos first、Love letters,But to go to a good drunk。Only drunk,Can temporarily forget the pain of the heart;Only drunk,To go to another world without worry。One study shows that because of difference of enzyme activity that women are more sensitive than men about wine and liquor,That is to say, women than men are more likely to be drunk,More susceptible to damage。It seems women thought is not only a drunk,And also want to drunk,The so-called wine is not drunk everybody from drunk。Some women like to find a variety of reasons drunk at various occasions,Most of the women hope to get sympathy and compassion;Some women are like the bitter buried in the bottom of my heart,By no means


      Guizhou MaoHeng wineries


              MaoHeng winery co., LTD,Is located in guizhou province renhuai maotai3.6Km liquor to protect the core region,Began1862In evergreen to burn,Is the Chinese daqu maotai-flavor liquor granddaddy,With a long history the geographical position is superior,Existing800Years of history。

             Renhuai maotai MaoHeng winery co., LTD., after nearly 30 years of development,Relying on the maotai advantageous geography、Climate environment,With perfect ecological wine system and abundant capital strength,Has become an annual production of tens of thousands of tons of daqu maotai-flavor liquor large ecological liquor-making enterprises。The company covers an area of two hundred mu,Has a cellar pool thousands,The main production of daqu maotai-flavor base liquor and flavoring liquor,Over the years has been for a number of well-known national liquor production companies and many famous liquor brand provides tens of thousands of tons of high quality maotai-flavor base liquor and flavoring liquor,The basis of China's largest quality maotai-flavor liquor、A leading manufacturer of flavoring liquor、Suppliers....   MORE+

      Burn room from evergreen Began
      35800Square meters
      Enterprise covers an area of
      10More than a wine shop、Annual output of high-quality daqu maotai-flavor liquor
      Inventory level
      4.1One hundred million yuan
      Has the fixed asset

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