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Also sharp13Professional for years【The enterprise image to upgrade】With【Original brand construction】Customers to provide professional brand strategy and design scheme
Involved in brand market research、Brand positioning、Brand planning、LogoDesign、VIDesign、The picture album design、The website construction、Space culture into all links such as services
Thirteen years is sharp
Focus on brand strategy and design
13Years of service500+Enterprise,4Branches
16Senior brand planner
Provide one-stop brand planning services
We are good at
The enterprise image to upgrade、Fast food whole
Visual design ability
Provides the high quality brand service for many customers
Brand positioning/The user experience
Two-way focusing principle
Brand company generally fall into two kinds
A notice early
Think accurate positioning is the foundation of all successful brand
Another kind is emphasis on user experience
Claiming the interaction experience make perfection in the later operation process
And we are,Try to do it in stages two-way focus
A more balanced for the enterprise to create the complete system
The customer the actual problem
Competition in the market will not give you time to prepare everything
Through present situation is the top priority
Also sharpen more habits, from the perspective of the brand's most urgent needs
Finding ways to solve the enterprise the current practical problems
And finally for the enterprise to provide comprehensive thorough service brand
Selected cases/KEY CASE
Services to customers/CUSTOMER SERVICE
Star alliance the empty air bridge
DiscoverThe discovery channel in Denmark
SingaporeStar hubTelevision stations
CanadaHart Butte
Science and technology
Light power technology co., LTD
Beijing hope poly yi technology co., LTD
Henan iron f to equipment manufacturing co., LTD
Henan to create high-tech new energy technology co., LTD
Henan province xicheng abrasives co., LTD
Kratos binding machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Of zhengzhou
China everbright bank
Zhengzhou bank
Shanghai camp's capital
Henan jin li investment management co., LTD
Henan silver financial investment management co., LTD
Henan al base group
Marlene chateau in France
Zhengzhou ji rice meal
Sichuan fragrance garden condiment co., LTD
Henan fragrant wheat is organic food co., LTD
Shenzhen is agricultural development co., LTD
Zhengzhou king li chestnuts
Zhengzhou moro french-style desserts
The consumer
Hong Kong bandung biological technology group
Guangzhou color biological technology co., LTD
Hong Kong allow pegatron clothing co., LTD
Zhengzhou bei poem clothing co., LTD
Food and beverage
ChaoTianMen chongqing hotpot
Zhengzhou grain tea restaurant
Zhengzhou sugar language
Snow park cone ice cream
Zhengzhou ji rice
Zhengzhou a sauce a meal
The government、Enterprise business units
Henan zhongyuan expressway co., LTD
Henan province transportation hall highway administration
The river media investment co., LTD
Measurement science research institute of henan province
Henan grain trade logistics market co., LTD
Henan ZhongYan industrial co., LTD
Public works machinery of zhengzhou railway administration section
Real estate
Sinomark group
Power investment group
Tsinghua university have jiangnan
Tsinghua university·SOHOThe square
Broad·The Minneapolis
AustraliaSunny sideYoung little education
S HongMeng children's education
Spirit of children's preschool education institutions by hand
Wugang a sichuan education group
Household building materials
Henan European dragon household group by changes in temperature system experience pavilion
Shandong yum household
Henan for plate
Australian sea song wood door industry household experience pavilion
A car
Mercedes Benz henan area
Henan to audi
Electrical contractor
Zte tenpay
States state optimal Australian sea cross-borderO2OExperience the pavilion
Halma one-stop enterprise image construction platform
The flowers sent flower shop
Marlene·Wine delivery
morningWedding photography
Mr.XThe chamber of secrets
Kimberley diamond
Broadcom mobile phone mall
The latest dynamic/DYNAMIC
Sharp is dedicated to the customer,With brand strategy and design scheme of combined closely with the market!To provide you with accurate positioning of the brand(Market research、Industry analysis、Project feasibility report),Brand planning(Brand strategy、Brand concept)
MarkLogo + VI、Corporate image design、The website construction、Implant services such as space culture。Based on the central plains also sharp marketing planning agencies,Facing the whole country and overseas customers,Professional planning and design level,Trustworthy!
Business contact:+ 0371-87533310
Address:Soho center of zhengzhou jinshui district agricultural zhongzhou avenue road6Layer of the southeast641Room