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Qujing city wins peak packaging printing co., LTD


Address:Yunnan qujing city kirin zone along the Yangtze river street banker at pingkiang, taking the west street
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Focused on high-end packaging design/Construction of printing


  • High-end printing and packaging design

    We for the enterprise/Personal location clear packaging design to provide more professional,According to the enterprise/Personal needs,A new high-end packaging design planning,To help create more high-end packaging design

  • High-end printing and packaging printing

    The process according to the arrangement of each product process characteristics。Quality and quantity in each process。Samples of the finished product sampling inspection。For each production process to implement strict monitoring。

  • High-end printing and packaging shipments

    Package according to customer requirements,The city free shipping。Send printed products as required to the customer。After-sales service,To handle customer complaints in a timely manner。Collect customer feedback information。


Look at the latest|Focused on packaging design printing


Sincere cooperation,To create a win-win situation

Sheng feng printing co., LTD. Is a collection of advertising creative center、Computer design color separation plate making center、Color printing center、Postpress binding center into a comprehensive printing enterprise。The company adhering to the strong production strength,A good soldier gathering originative industry,Equipped with complete production equipment,Formed a powerful creation、Production team。And timely grasp the trend of The Times,In line with to the customer,The principle of serving the market,Good at capturing the critical eye,In the spirit of dedication,Create the miracle。Printing qualification for publications and printing packaging decoration。Is a paper products packaging products、Social products printing、Design、Production for the integration of modern printing enterprises。


The existing printing equipment:Jiangsu chang folio four-color offset press1Taiwan、Shandong guanghua six open four-color offset press1Taiwan、Xerox8000Digital printing machine1Taiwan、Northerners monochrome offset press1Taiwan、Eight open offset press2Taiwan。Auxiliary equipment:Shanghai shen vectra photoelectric sheet paper cutter1Taiwan、Changchun folio program-controlled paper cutter1Taiwan、Steam large oily laminating machine1Taiwan、Mevas disc5Book binding machine1Taiwan、Split folding machine1Taiwan、Double stapler1Taiwan、HarrietCTPPress equipment1Sets。Packaging equipment:Three layers of corrugated board production line1The article、Machine1Taiwan、Indentation machine1Taiwan、Book box machine2Taiwan。To maximize meet all kinds of products、The outer packing、Hardcover books、Paperback books、Hand bag、Calendar、Books and newspapers、Office supplies such as production requirements。The formation of set design、Plate making、Printing、Binding、Packaging one-stop production,Possess the strength of the printing mass production tasks。