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The latest announcement:    Guangdong mountain horse of agriculture and forestry development co., LTD2011Years9Months are considered by the country“Camellia industry key enterprises of the country” 2017Years12By guangdong provincial voted“Forestry enterprises in guangdong province”        Today is:
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Solid top company profile[Company profile]Mountain horse profileHot company profile
General industry trends[The dynamic of the industry]Do not cooperation Plow guest malicious slander mountain magong.\…Dynamic hot industry
General industry trends[The dynamic of the industry]【Policy】The new trend of agricultural subsidies:In order to green…Dynamic hot industry
General industry trends[The dynamic of the industry]The central rural work conference five big attraction
General industry trends[Dynamic mountain horse]Our company to attend2013(The fifth)Non-public enterprises…Dynamic hot industry
General industry trends[Dynamic mountain horse]China central television (CCTV) to my company were designed…Dynamic hot industry
General industry trends[Dynamic mountain horse]The state forestry administration related leaders to visit our company…Dynamic hot industry
General industry trends[The dynamic of the industry]Oil-tea genetic resources survey cataloging work throughout the country…Dynamic hot industry
General industry trends[Dynamic mountain horse]Professor Feng Jifu to visit my company guidanceDynamic hot industry
Ordinary differential knowledge[Knowledge of camellia]The elderly、Maternal preferred tea oilHot oil-tea knowledge

Our company to attend2013(The fifth)Non-public enterprises…
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Solid top company profileMountain horse profile2011-04-12
The general company profileOur company has passed the certification of organic products2011-01-12
The general company profileOut of the rain2009-03-12
The general company profileEven a state2Many farmers with land 6Ten thousand acres of land2008-10-28
The general company profileThe enterprise culture2008-10-28
The general company profileEven a state:Poor mountain trail tea oil incense2007-07-27
The general company profileWith the horse of the company2007-07-08
The dynamic of the industry
General industry trendsDo not cooperation Plow horse of the company guest malicious slander2017-12-19
General industry trends【Policy】The new trend of agricultural subsidies:In green…2016-12-27
General industry trendsThe central rural work conference five big attraction2016-12-26
General industry trendsCataloguing is the differential genetic resources survey…2012-08-01
General industry trendsGuangdong pilot policy forest insurance2012-03-20
General industry trendsEven a state10Ten thousand mu of green manure2012-02-16
General industry trendsGuangzhou pulled out600Ten thousand yuan to reward report and inferior…2011-12-07
General industry trendsCooking oil sampling Nearly twenty percent of unqualified2011-12-07
General industry trendsIn dayaoshan“Golden camellia”2011-10-03
General industry trendsThe pilot of the first camellia industry in China with the incubation center…2011-08-08
General industry trendsHunan to investigate and punish the country's first clenbuterol varieties…2011-07-25
General industry trendsPeople afforestation highest per acre200Yuan2011-06-24
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Knowledge of tea oil
Ordinary differential knowledgeThe elderly、Maternal preferred tea oil2012-05-11
Ordinary differential knowledgePrevention and control of shear pin tea terrier insect decay effect is good2012-04-25
Ordinary differential knowledgeTrees transplanting with to create soil ball2012-04-13
Ordinary differential knowledgeThe tea oil diet2010-06-22
Ordinary differential knowledgeTea oil production“Lili”2010-06-22
Ordinary differential knowledgeOlive oil and tea oil composition2008-10-27
Ordinary differential knowledgeCamellia is introduced2007-07-21
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Fixed download softwareWithin five strokes input method The second edition2009-04-24
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