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2019In recruiting started!Now urgently seeking:Data inspectors、3 d modeler、Data handler several jobs,Welcome to inquire the recruitment!Detailed consultation0523-80103287、15722805098,Contacts:High manager
 Company announcements:
  • Gratitude Mid-Autumn festival,Work-day when——Heaven and earth letter issue Mid-Autumn festival welfare for all employees
  • Heaven and earth to carry out the first letter16A“CeHuiFa awareness day”Promotional activities
  • “Summer melt&Setting force”——Heaven and earth believe organization2019Young employees develop tourism
  • Heaven and earth believed to hold the first technique salon of the youth
  • Urban construction engineering one-stop services of surveying and mapping
  • Aerial rapid 3 d modeling service
  • Great wisdom platform data services
  • To build wisdom city industry application,Promote the construction of informatization
  • Marine surveying and mapping services

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