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15Years power battery testing products provider
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Shenzhen letter of electric power equipment co., LTD

Shenzhen letter of electric power equipment co., LTD is specialized in the power transmitter manufacturers,15Research and development of power focus of transmitter,Provide power transmitter,Power isolation transmitter,Intelligent power transmitter、Leakage current sensor、Insulation tester、Wholesale battery tester.Is a concentration of electrons、Sensors、Industrial control、The electric power product research and development、Production、Sales、Services for the integration of high-tech enterprises。

Professional to provideLFThe full series power transmitter/Power isolation transmitter/Insulation tester and power、The core component of communication power supply system(High frequency switch rectifier module、The central monitor、The battery inspection instrument、Insulation monitor)And so on,With a full range of product solutions。The company is committed to combine technology and application engineering technology....


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