Specializing in the production of heat exchanger,Plate heat exchanger,The spiral plate heat exchanger,Welcome to the heat exchanger network!

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    Changchun city god of the sea line detection co., LTD. Is a children's books, and other products professional production and processing of the company,Have complete、Scientific quality management system。Changchun mingyan Adrian culture communication co., LTD. Of integrity、Strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance。Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit、Guidance and business negotiation。From the company2000To begin,I have been engaged in the planning and production of children's books,Has a professional creative editing team。The company is acted on“Children like best,Is what we choose”The concept of,In order to“Study in the reading、In reading the game、Growth in reading”The aim of the book creation,And continuous innovation,Apply 3 d technology in book production,Started3DBooks,The building《3DThe empire》Series brand book,Including《3

Product display

      Professional heat exchanger networkThe heat exchanger,The evaporator,The spiral plate heat exchanger,Methanol recovery tower,Rectifying column,Chemical equipment advanced enterprise,Varieties complete。  
The heat exchanger
Floating head heat exchanger
The spiral plate heat exchanger
Shell and tube condenser
Steam-Water heat exchanger
Shell and tube heat exchanger series
The heat exchanger
The heat exchanger
Heat pipe heat exchanger
Tube type heat exchanger
Tube and shell heat exchanger
New energy reaction kettle
New energy reaction kettle
Titanium heat exchanger--Used in seawater
Large air finned heat exchanger
Shell and tube type double heat exchanger
Shell and tube heat exchanger
Heat exchange tube welding
Plate heat exchanger--For the night
Finned heat exchanger
Duplex stainless steel5000Square meters of shell and tube heat exchanger
Volumetric heat exchanger
The spiral plate heat exchanger
Stainless steel(Carbon steel)Storage tank、Tank car series
The steam generator
Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying equipment
Autoclaved kettle、Sulfide cans、Glass kettle
All kinds of fuel、The fuel gas、Electric heating heat conduction oil furnace
High slots、Metering tank、The tanker、Storage tank
Rectifying column
Stainless steel storage tank
Metering tank
WZ 111500-5000Series of three-way energy-saving cycle in ring vacuum concentrator(Can recycle alcohol)
WZ 11 500-2000Series double concentrator(Can recycle alcohol)
LGSeries centrifugal scraper film evaporator
WZIType circulating vacuum evaporator
DLSeries of bag filter
BMSeries of film evaporator
Cylinder type vacuum drying machine
Knot machine dryer
Vacuum rake dryer
Stainless steel corrugated packing
Seeds cans
JHSeries of alcohol、Methanol recovery tower
Fermentation tank series
ZNType vacuum vacuum concentrator
Vacuum decompression enrichment pot
Stainless steel tank is mixed
Steam heating heat conduction oil circulating heating reaction kettle
Multi-functional dispersed reaction kettle
A half pipe、Coil type reaction kettle
Stainless steel reaction kettle( PEThe kettle、 PUThe kettle)
Unsaturated polyester resin

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