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Xi 'an fountain design company——How to keep beautiful water landscape

In recent years,Xi 'an fountain design company,The city has set up a water feature,Most of the abandoned,There is no tap water,No fountain,Color is black,Smelly man, etc。In some residential projects,Water function is used as a large number of value-added and promotional activities...

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Prosperous city qujiang music fountain plaza

Prosperous city qujiang music fountain plazaProsperous city qujiang music fountain plaza  The fountain was completed2017Years7Month,In qujiang is xi 'an qujiang high-end write blocks,Xi 'an high-end office area。The fountain is an elliptic dry spray,Periphery is shallow pool of water,Nearby is a lot of high-rise office building。Use of the surface reflection,The formation of drought fountain and shadow effect of two kinds of fountain,Mix。On the selection of music and performance,Pay attention to the of primitive simplicity、Elegance。Mainly use...

Lotus world water show

Lotus world water showXintiandi show water lotus music fountain in xian is located in the south gate of datang furong garden,Acm hotel in the west side of the pool,In the high-end business recreational area,Thanks to the party a gives us sufficient design space。We made a roll hoop and morning glory, creative ideas,Do the design of an asymmetric,Party a and the audience's high praise。It is also a high-tech changed nozzle is used in the west of China for the first time。We in this project...

Secretary-general of music fountain plaza project-Xi 'an fountain

Secretary-general of music fountain plaza project-Xi 'an fountainThe minister is shaanxi biqing,He even qin (3),Is one of the important post of the silk road。The tang happened here in the first world war one,Shallow tableland war,Since emperor taizong invincible,Created the brilliant datangshengshi。On the design of the fountain, we adopted a phalanx of the modelling。On the music selection in play、Passionate melody music is given priority to。...

The square music fountain county project

The square music fountain county projectCounty of gansu province is a famous old revolutionary base areas,The geometry of the square fountain composition is given priority to with annular,Is the design theme of fountain,Red classic music,Classic folk songs,Local folk music。Both ground and into the hearts and minds,You can also show off to foreign tourists ring county red tourism culture。  The music fountain county《Red flowers red》...

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Shaanxi water landscape engineering co., LTDShaanxi very water landscape engineering co., LTD is a landscape design、Construction as one of the professional landscape engineering company,The main:The fountain design、The fountain video、Fountain waterscape、Fountain in the construction、Fountain square、Fountain project、Shaanxi fountain、Xi 'an fountain、Xi 'an music fountain。Now has issued by the national industry association“JiaYi level”Qualifications,To go throughISO9001Quality system certification,Over the years is evaluated“Keep the contract heavy credit enterprise”。Our company advocates the harmonious beauty of nature and human,The pursuit of classical Chinese“Although by people,Just like nature itself”In the state。My company to undertake too many item of national important scenic spot fountain fountain design and construction of the project,And many times is well received by users and experts,Accumulated rich water fountain art landscape design and construction experience,Fountain waterscape senior expert team,Professional construction team and mature technology。Our company always adhere to the application and development of new technology,Has the most advanced current domestic fountain lighting control software。To undertake、In the、Small music fountain and hydrophilic gout waterscape engineering。We are eager to building beautiful landscape together with you...

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