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  Linzhou city yalong cable co., LTD. Held the woods city yao village west NiuLiang industrial park,Surrounded by wei taihang mountain and the world-famous red flag canal of gold,AnLin highway in the east,In the south Lin Shi line,The beautiful scenery,The transportation is convenient。  The company covers an area of twelve thousand three hundred and sixty-eight square meters,Professional and technical personnel of 22。Company technical force is abundant,Advanced production equipment,Using intelligent production line,Check the equipments,Quality is stable,Good reputation,To win the majority of new and old customers praise and trust。The company's main products  1.Plastic insulated control cable,1)PVC insulated control cable450/750V,2The core~37The core,0.75mm2~10mm2,Steel tape armoured。2)Crosslinked PVC insulated control cable,450/750V,2The core~37The core,0.75mm2~10mm2,Steel tape armoured。Low smoke zero halogen flame retardantAClass、BClass、CClass、DClass。  2.Rated voltage1KVAnd3KVInsulated power cable。1)The forehead...